Woo Hoo! Gleeful Giveaways Times Two

In search of free Glee? Hey, who wouldn’t be?

Well, look no further, gum chums of mine! I know of TWO Glee giveaways. How divine!

For info on the first, stop by the fabulous Rita A.’s blog, “One 2 Try.” But hurry, hurry! I’ll tell you why. The deadline is Aug 22nd at 9:00 PM PT, no lie!

For info on the second, visit the lovely Lena’s blog, “Over Coffee- the Green Edition.” More chances to chew free Glee– just what you were wishin’! But again I must say, don’t delay. The Aug 23rd deadline only buys you one more day!


Does my rhyming seem a touch askew? If true, this fact may be due to the fact that it’s awful warm here, with cool breezes few. What’s a giant-headed gum mascot to do? Wait, I know. I’ll find a bit of refreshing Spearmint Glee to chew. Cheerio, toodle-oo!

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