Win a Case of Wee Glee with Celebrate Green!

Does being green give you Glee? Yippee! Now here’s a chance to take that more literally…

Our friends at Celebrate Green are changing the world one celebration at a time. This week, they are also hosting a Wee Glee contest! Check out  their blog post, “Got a wee green tip? You could win Wee Glee gum!”, right here!


Small size, big taste!
Small size, big taste!

To enter the contest, all you need to do is offer one ‘lil tip for celebrating green any time of year in the comment section of their blog post no later than July 15, 2009. Three winners, chosen at random, will each enjoy a full case of eight boxes of Wee Glee! 

So whatcha waiting for? I do believe there’s a holiday weekend coming up. What better way to celebrate?

Happy Independence Day, gum chums. To life, liberty and the pursuit of GLEE!

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