Why Gum Is Good & Glee's a Blog Hog

Hello to you, gum chews!

Have you been reading all the neat news about the benefits of chewing gum? You know I have!

Chew on this:

Last month, the Los Angeles Times‘ Shari Roan wrote about how “Chewing gum raises kids’ math scores.” 

That’s not all!

HealthDay News published an April piece entitled, “Gum Chewing May Cut Craving for Snacks”, while the Boston Globe headlined a March article, “Better thinking through gum” 

AND a recent Health Beat article from Your Total Health posed the question “Can Chewing Gum Make You Smarter and Thinner”? Hint: the answer is Glee-ful!

Speaking of Glee (oh, you know me!):

In local news, Gail Ciampa of the Providence Journal (Glee Gum’s hometown paper!) wrote a great piece entitled “Rhode Island’s Glee Gum part of sustainable-harvest effort.”

And the blogosphere is all a’ buzz with mentions of my favorite gum!

Glee appeared in “Healthy Snacks-Part Three”  on the Latest Addictions blog, where family-friendly recipes are explored. 


At the healthy living blog Jacksons World, readers enjoyed a chance to win free Glee with the post “Glee Gum & a Giveaway”!

besides which…

Eco Child’s Play, a blog about green parenting and healthy homes, featured Glee as a fun party favor in “Eco Friendly Pinata How To.”


Looks like a new fan was born in blogger Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1 with the post “Review: Glee Gum”. 


Another rave  “Glee Gum Review” came courtesy of 1 Stop Mom. Thanks, “Mom”!


Speaking of reviews, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Ashtyn Evans of LI-Kids for the fabulous “Foodie Review: Make Your Own Chocolate Kits”. Thank YOU, Ashtyn!


Last but certainly not least, check out Diva Talk Radio for a fun feature on Verve president Deborah Schimberg. You can even listen to a podcast of the interview right here!

Gee whiz, all this positive press is almost enough to make me blush. Well, ALMOST!


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