What Makes YOU Glee-ful?

Congratulations to the 8 winners of  Glee Gum’s Summer 2010 GLEE-ful Giveaway! The first 8 responders to our newsletter giveaway each won a great gift pack of GLEE show merchandise: a GLEE cap, bag, tee shirt, and autographed cast photo (plus a few packs of Glee Gum for good measure). Woo hoo!

But winning aside, the most wonderful part of the giveaway was all the entries we received. We asked folks to email one thing that makes them Glee-ful – be it a flavor of gum or a hug from a chum. We thought you might like to read some of them!

So, without further ado, what brings Glee to YOU?

The smell of the outdoors after it rains makes me feel positively alive and effervescent! – Jennifer

Family! 🙂 -Sarah

WEEKENDS!!!! – Josie

Only one tale of glee? That’s like being limited to one potato chip, or even worse, one piece of Wee Glee. Okay, so here’s the current one: It gives me glee to wake up and find my cat waiting patiently outside the door after a long night prowling the neighborhood. She always has great stories to tell. – Peter

Rescuing feral or abandoned kitties from the streets, making sure they are healthy by visiting a vet, and seeing that they go to a safe, loving home. – Michele

Watching “GLEE” and singing along to all the cool songs they do each week, especially those with a theme of some kind. So that’s why they call it Glee Club!! – Frannie

My husband, always! – Marci

What makes me feel gleeful is when I go shopping or make a new friend. I feel gleeful when people actually care for me. I would feel even more gleeful if I get a MacBook Pro. I hope I win one soon. 😀 – Crystal

My granddaughter. – Anonymous

I’d be so GLEE-ful to win the prize package and give it to my friend Amy who is a HUGE “GLEE” Fan (and has been from the beginning)! That would bring me GLEE! -Molly

My black lab brings me glee– he is 10 years old and a wonderful pet. – Vicki

Children playing and laughing. – Tracy

Getting free stuff!! – Cricket

If you are old enough to remember the TV show “Laugh-In,” you might remember Les Brown and his Band of Renown– and maybe even Burt Bacharach and his Band of Renacharach. Hahahahahahahahaha! – Cindy

Seeing Jonathan Groff, a.k.a. Jesse St. James on “GLEE,” mmm. 🙂 – Kelly

Sharing Glee Gum with my friends!  It is our favorite treat and I love making my friends smile with a special Glee surprise. – Stefanie

Watching our kids laugh and have fun! – Shawn

My wonderful husband, the light of my life. – Joyce

My child’s laughter. – Leann

My nieces, Victoria and Jacqueline! – Kelly

My friends and family!! – Melinda

Landscape painting out in the fresh air and sunshine! – Paula

Taking funny pictures of my family. – Rachael

Having a home-cooked meal made by my wife. – Farhan

Being in an all women’s chorus where we build community and sing together. Some days, it’s the only thing that keeps me going. – Cecelia

The hug of my cats!! – Jayne

Glee Peppermint Gum! – Ann

My 79-year-old Uncle makes me Gleeful. He has had to live his life in a wheelchair since birth. He has never let that stop him. This man is amazing! Up until recently, he was living on his OWN, went to Red Sox games by himself and was so independent that he makes teenagers look lazy!

Recently, he suffered from a fall and muscle weakness that has put him in a temporary nursing home until he regains his strength. He went from being unable to move his left hand, to now in less than a month feeding himself and moving his wheelchair with his own hands. He is the most dedicated Red Sox fan I know to boot!

My Uncle makes me gleeful because he’s an amazing inspiration to me. Because when life “hands” him lemonades, he not only makes lemonade, but he fills that pitcher with enough love to propel the rest of us to do better! I am so proud of him! – Erica

My family, God singing, and soon to be sugar-free Glee Gum! – Haley

Knowing that “GLEE” has been renewed for another season! It is my favorite TV show! – Laura

Wee Glee brings me Glee. Makes me Glee-ful by the handful! – Katy

Watching children’s faces as they get entranced by music.  It’s beautiful. – Gail

Reminiscing with old friends on Facebook. – Kristin

Watching my own kids gleefully performing their hearts out on stage. – Dori

My brothers, who are 9 months old and 3 years old. – Roger

One of the many things that makes me happy is blogging about socially conscious small businesses– more often than not, while chewing Cinnamon Glee Gum. Ah, bliss… – Kari of GoodBiz113

I get the most glee when I treat my kids and husband with love, no matter what, especially when I get an “I love you” back. – Adrienne

My niece. – Cyndee

Hearing my daughter, Alexandria, sing “The Phantom of the Opera.” – Rosemarie

A family outing! -Janice

My daughter. – Amy

My niece Alena…. She is so caring and thoughtful and she’s only two. If the next generation is anything like her, there is hope for this world yet. – Jamie

Jamie & Alena - thanks for sharing such a Glee-ful picture!

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