What Can You 'Git into a Chocolate Kit?

Around Valentine’s Day this year, we were daydreaming of some of our favorite duos. Fred and Ginger! Punch and Judy! Peaches and cream! Chocolate and…?

We were stumped trying to decide what goes best with chocolate!  So we asked our gum chums to tell us the sweetest pairing they could think of, for a chance to win 1 of 3 Make Your Own Chocolate Kits of their own.

Make Your Own Chocolate Kit!
Mmm! Chocolate…

The Make Your Own Chocolate Kit includes everything you need to make chocolate from scratch. One of the last steps involves pouring your chocolate mix into little paper liners. This is the time to experiment and make each treat different. Add a pinch or scoop or spoonful of something—whatever you’ve got in the pantry! Here are some of the delicious and creative suggestions we received.

  • “Strawberries!” – Stefanie S.
  • “Pretzels! Cherries! And raspberries!” – Jodi D.
  • “Crystallized ginger and a pinch of cardamom. YUM!” – Dallas N.
  • “Class A espresso coffee!” – Marcelle L.
  • “Chopped walnuts because I love them, and for the Omega-3 fatty acids. Dried cranberries for their taste and health benefits. And…. A little honey, because I like to experiment and see what happens.” – Craig W.
  • “Ooh, chocolate and coffee! A little bit of prepared espresso, a pinch of cinnamon, the barest touch of salt, and yum!” – Lisa S.
  • “Add a pinch of:  NUTMEG!” – Zolt
  • “A churro, which is fried dough traditionally made in Spain (although also found in the US).” – Alejandro D.
  • “Peanut butter.” – Courtney C.
  • “Raspberry.” – Kathy M. W.
  • “Watermelon!!” – Emma E.
  • “Marshmallow.” – Leann L.
  • “Bacon.” – Sharon P.
  • “Walnut cream.” – Sally Jo P.
  • “Cherries or mint.” – Lori M.
  • “Caramel!!!” – Terria V.
  • “Orange!” – Sherry F.
  • “Berries like cherries.” – Njunkie C.
  • “Cinnamon and just a titch of cayenne pepper.” – Melissa S.
  • “Organic coconut and pecans.” – Cynthia S.
  • “Almonds and sea salt. Can’t beat it.” – Gilliland C.
  • “Peanut butter is the obvious choice! However, fruit of almost any kind is wonderful, as well. Actually, there’s not much that DOESN’T go well with chocolate – I mean, its CHOCOLATE!!!!!” – Shannon H.

Well, if anyone needs us, we’ll be making chocolate for the next millennium. We gotta try all of these!

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