Watch Out for the Rampage! Chicle Book Is All the Rage!

Can it be? Wowee! 

Just as I predicted in our Glee Gum May-June newsletter, a certain story of chewing gum is fast becoming the most buzzed-about book of the season!

And why not, I say? Chewing gum is nothing short of fascinating!

Journalist Steve Bennett of the San Antonio Express-News recently penned a great piece about  Jennifer P. Mathews’ new book, Chicle: The Chewing Gum of the Americas, From the Ancient Maya to William Wrigley. And the article has since been re-printed in lots of other publications, including Glee Gum’s hometown paper the Pro Jo! Click here to read his great interview with Jennifer and to find out which gum she chews.  (I’m not offering any hints. None. NOT A ONE.)  

Hooray for chicle!
Hooray for chicle!

To refresh your memory, Chicle is an in-depth study of the development of chewing gum. Interweaving history, biology, industry and adventure, it’s guaranteed to give you lots to chew on! Here at Verve, we liked Chicle so much that we added it to our online store. Click here to check it out!

While I’m on a roll, maybe I should try my hand at predicting other things. Horoscopes, perhaps? Chances I will consume Glee Gum today? The sky’s the limit!

Of course, I didn’t predict the following recent press mentions. So I suppose that I can pretty accurately predict that I’m no oracle!

Thanks are due to Tawnya at Stylish Living for including Glee in her wedding care packages for out-of-town guests. What a way to welcome folks!

And kudos to Amy’s Stocking Stuffers for suggesting Wee Glee as a creative, fun and inexpensive stocking stuffer. You’re the best!

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Have a great weekend, gum chums! I predict you won’t do anything I wouldn’t do… Unless, of course, you want to. Your glee is very important to me!

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