Vote of Confidence

Krista H. from Minnesota is a Glee Gum devotee– and recently took the time to tell us why!

“My son has mild sensory processing disorder,” Krista explains. “This means he does not take in the world with his senses the same way you and I do. Most people think of it as kids who are bothered by socks and tags on their shirt and dislike (or prefer) loud noises. But it is bigger then that. This can happen with all your senses. Chewing helps to calm, organize your thoughts/brain, and focus. And if the gum is flavored with some form of mint, the scent can be calming as well. So we use gum for this… And it works!”

Krista appreciates that Glee is aspartame-free, and adds that she even gives it to her other son to distract him from picking his nose. (Note: this approach just might work on some adults you know, too!)

We were especially impressed by Krista’s creative Glee Gum storage technique (see below). Thanks for sharing, Krista!

Handy School Aid


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