UK Goes the Veggie Way!

You heard all the juicy details about the Royal Wedding, right? Well, the latest news from our pals across the pond may not be meaty. But it’s– arguably– just as tantalizing. Let’s hear it for National Vegetarian Week in the United Kingdom!

NVW Combined Logo2011

Created by the Vegetarian Society and sponsored by Cauldron Foods, the event runs through Sunday. Celebrating Memorial Day weekend with friends and family? Take advantage of some of the delicious, nutritious free recipes you can download from the Society. The group also offers nifty inspirational ideas for schools, businesses, and more. And all of our UK friends should be sure to check out the local events happening near them!

In between eating all manner of veggie treats, be sure to cleanse your palate with a piece of Glee Gum. It’s Vegetarian Society-approved too!

Big Boy Salad 1
They call this dish the "Big, Bad Boy Salad." All we can say is, um, yum!
Sweet Potato Burger 2
A sweet potato burger with griddled pineapple and a chili salsa? Yes, please! Oh, the joys of being vegetarian...

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