Two New Gleeful Flavors, More Gum to Savor!

Hello and Woo Hoo! What news I have for you!  

I can barely contain my glee over this latest scoop – we are introducing not one, but TWO new flavors of Glee Gum! 

Everyone loves Glee Peppermint, Tangerine, and Cinnamon Gum. But just wait ‘til you get a load of Glee SPEARMINT and Glee BUBBLEGUM FLAVOR! They are both, in a phrase, the bee’s knees! 

I am so inspired by these new flavors that I simply must compose some poetry. Really! Please permit me to indulge in some literary rambling about my two newfound loves… 

“A Salute to Spearmint” 
O Spearmint Glee, so sweet and tart 
You hold a dear place in my heart 
So mint-y fresh and full of flair 
Your eternal devotion I must swear! 

“A Ballad for Bubblegum” 
Do yourself a special favor 
Try Bubblegum, Glee’s newest flavor 
It is a wondrous treat to chew 
Worthy of cheers and great hullabaloo! 

Maybe I should give up my gig as the Glee Gum mascot, find a wee cottage in the woods, and write poetry all day! What d’ya say? I’d definitely need to buy a beret… 

On second thought, I’ll just chew some new Glee Spearmint and Bubblegum Flavor Gum. This stuff is the greatest! 

Look for it soon at a store near you, or buy it right here on our website. Happy chewing! 

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