Tweet, Tweet, Life Is Sweet…

I have a confession, gum chews.

Sometimes I feel the need to crow.

You may be familiar with a pretty witty ditty on that very subject from the musical Peter Pan… “I Gotta Crow!” Er er er errrrrrr! No? Oh.

Other times, I feel the urge to twist and shout. Or sing out loud. Or maybe even toot my own horn. OFTEN. It’s great! 

But I can honestly say, as your humble chewing gum mascot, I have never, ever chirped or tweeted. That is, not until I got my very own TWITTER ACCOUNT!

It’s true, it’s true! Now I’m tweeting up a storm.

Granted I’m never entirely sure I’m doing it right. So come join me, and we can tweet together! You can find me at

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta TWEET! Tweet tweet tw- tweet…

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