We keep our family artificial dye free. My kiddos wanted to try a blow pop in the worst way, so we found your website!!
Thanks for offering dye free treats!

Joelle V.

Love the taste, all natural, and i like to chew now…I quit smoking about ten years ago…

Tom K.

It is natural and made in USA.
Honestly we have been chewing Spry for a long time but try to stay away from imported especially china made products  whenever possible but we never thought to look at our gum until today. We have purchased Glee at various food co-ops over the
years and yours does taste better but Spry lasts longer and is easily found in 100 piece containers so that is why we never really switched. That ends today because Glee is made in the USA. Your website is really great and I wish we checked into it much
sooner, it was really nice to find all the information, direct purchase and in bulk. I learned a lot about gum today!

Kristi R.

I use the gum to help me slow down with my smoking, AND my body reacts negatively
to all the products of today that contain artificial sugar, while it is happy with your gum
Also the taste is good.
Thank you for offering Glee Gum!

Patricia C.

I have purchased Glee gum for my kids because it is natural. I purchase it at
natural foods stores. I went on your website to order 2 make your own gum kits.
One for my 10 yr old nephew and one for my college aged children for Christmas.
Despite the age difference they will all be delighted!

Maureen D.

Rainforest conservation and a natural gum base are the main reasons I purchased Glee. I like
chewing gum but do not trust the synthetic gum bases that are the norm.
Please consider a baking soda gum—these are nice after a meal, and very difficult to find. Arm &
Hammer used to make one but I don’t think they produce it anymore. I’d like to see a Glee line aimed
at adults—with baking soda and herbal flavors. Gum doesn’t need to be candy—look at the Turkish
gum Falim.



we buy the sugar-free gum because we feel that xylitol is valuable for
good dental health. I have a four-year-old, six-year-old, myself and my husband
that chew Glee gum every day!


I like Glee Gum because it doesn’t have aspartame in it.

Anne B.

My child with sensory processing disorder chews gum for sensory input which helps him be calm and focused. He goes through a lot of gum. I choose Glee gum because it’s the best tasting non-toxic sugar-free gum on the market.

Carol S.

I initially searched and found you because I like a chicklet like gum which is sugar based. I have had many surgeries to my left ear and chew a lot of gum to relieve the pressure/pain. I also have problems with taste/burning mouth because of the surgeries.
I hate gums with artificial sugars.
Your sugar based bubblegum flavored gum is perfect. The flavor is perfect, the size of the pieces are perfect, it’s after-initial-chewing is perfect and I can get it in the mini version which works for my autistic daughter who likes to bring am empty gum box in her purse to “work” each day.
Thank you and please keep up the good work. – Joanne