I have purchased Glee gum for my kids because it is natural. I purchase it at
natural foods stores. I went on your website to order 2 make your own gum kits.
One for my 10 yr old nephew and one for my college aged children for Christmas.
Despite the … Read more

Maureen D.

The one thing I wanted was a sugar free gum to chew at work that was not made from plastic.
If you’re interested in the whole story, I like to chew gum at work after lunch (brushing right away isn’t good for teeth) or if I drink coffee. The Xilitol i… Read more


My number one reason for chewing sugar-free Glee gum is that it is sweetened with 100% Xylitol from American birch trees, NOT corn-based xylitol from China or chemical substitute.
Number two is chicle.


The glee classic gum is the only gum I can find that doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners, as I cannot have them.

Michelle E.

I gladly buy Glee Gum for my sweet son. He is an 11 year-old 5th grader
with Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD. Chewing gum helps to
keep him grounded with the input his nervous system needs while learning
at school and at home. Finding a gum that… Read more

J. H.

I want to chew gum at work when I get hungry but I don’t want a ton of sugar

Jacob B.

I initially searched and found you because I like a chicklet like gum which is sugar based. I have had many surgeries to my left ear and chew a lot of gum to relieve the pressure/pain. I also have problems with taste/burning mouth because of the surg… Read more


My child with sensory processing disorder chews gum for sensory input which helps him be calm and focused. He goes through a lot of gum. I choose Glee gum because it’s the best tasting non-toxic sugar-free gum on the market.

Carol S.

Keeps me going while hiking!
Xylitol is a good microbe retardant!
I like your philosophy!


Love the taste, all natural, and i like to chew now…I quit smoking about ten years ago…

Tom K.