It doesn’t have an certain ingredients and is more natural.


Looking for a keto friendly gum to helps with Keto Breath.

Richard H.

We loved the Glee Tarts! We bought several boxes to use as decoration for a birthday cake as well as favors at the party. The guest of honor was allergic to food dyes and several guests were allergic to dairy. Glee Tarts were delicious and exactly what we needed to top off this birthday party!
I have pictures if you’re interested.

Michele B.

Wow, a personal request. That’s a first. I researched which gum producers were using sugar free additives that were not a health risk for the body. Glee Gum was one of the few that worked to provide such a product. Wintergreen is one of my favorites. Your sustainability should also be recognized for those critical efforts.
Thanks for asking Guy


We buy it for dental health (sugar free). It’s worrisome though with our pup in the
house. Hoping that you’re looking toward switching to erythritol.

Jenny P.

I purchased Glee because I am into sustainability. I also want my kids to chew something that’s better for them then the usual gum products. Thanks!

Danielle L.

I gladly buy Glee Gum for my sweet son. He is an 11 year-old 5th grader
with Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD. Chewing gum helps to
keep him grounded with the input his nervous system needs while learning
at school and at home. Finding a gum that worked for him was rather
difficult as he was unable to have red40 and does not like mint flavored
things. Search around and you aren’t going to find many options to please
a boy…believe me, I looked. Enter on scene, a great super hero – Glee
Gum Bubblegum and Sugar-Free Lemon Lime! He likes these very much
and really enjoys having his needs met with his very own gum ball
machine at home. Thank you for making a product I can feel good about
giving my beloved child!
Thanks from the bottom of my heart

J. H.

we buy the sugar-free gum because we feel that xylitol is valuable for
good dental health. I have a four-year-old, six-year-old, myself and my husband
that chew Glee gum every day!


You have the only sugar-free bubblegum that isn’t made with bad sweeteners. Just discovered you in September and on my second order!

Roxanne B.

The reason I bought this gum is to make a special flavor of gum for a video. I
have a large audience on Facebook and Youtube where I share fun recipes. In the
past I have made Mountain Dew flavored gum using your products and I can’t
wait to experiment with more fun flavors.

James L.