Take the Non-GMO Challenge!

Earth Day is April 22nd. But Earth Month starts next week! One fun way to celebrate? Take the Non-GMO Challenge.

Commit to going Non-GMO in some way this April, be it one meal a week or three meals a day, and you’ll join the Non-GMO Project in helping to support a healthy food system. The Non-GMO Project will offer tips and recipes all month to keep you on track. And you can encourage and inspire others by posting a picture of yourself, your kids, or even your pets with a sign sharing your commitment. Each week one creative shutterbug will win a “Dreambox” of Non-GMO Project Verified goodies—like Glee Gum!

Our pals at the Non-GMO Project explain, “We encourage everyone to learn about GMOs and the impact they have on human health, the environment, and farmers’ and consumers’ rights. Then, make a meaningful commitment to going non-GMO.”

As you can see, we did it here at Glee. Join us!

Non-GMO Challenge

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