Sustainable Art? Smart!

Hey Glee-ful guys and gals!

Looking for a bit of arts and cult-cha? Lucky enough to live in the NYC-area, or planning to pass that way soon? Don’t miss the neatest new exhibit in town!

The Design for a Living World exhibit just opened last night at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. The Cooper-Hewitt is a beautiful branch of the Smithsonian Institution; it’s located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and dedicated to historic and contemporary design. If you’ve never been there before, now’s the time to go! 

Design for a Living World encourages folks to think about where products come from, how they are made, and what impact they have on the environment. It all began when the Nature Conservancy commissioned ten leading designers to create new objects from sustainable materials sourced around the world. The results include vegetable ivory and black pearl jewelry, salmon leather shoes, bamboo furniture, and even chicle latex vases! 

Open through January 4, 2010, this special exhibit is an innovative celebration of conservation. While you’re there, swing by the gift shop for a unique treat that happens to be my favorite sweet!

Taste familiar?
Taste familiar?

The makers of Glee Gum actually created a special mint medley for the exhibit gift shop. Try it; it’s delicious! (You do know “vested interest” is my middle name, right? *wink*) 

For more information on the designers, products, and places involved in the Design for a Living World exhibit, check out In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend, gum chums!

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