Surprise! New Flavor, New Size

We fielded suggestions. We tried different formulas. We chewed and reviewed and brooded and, at times, feuded. You see, even in the happy halls of a candy company, tough decisions can take awhile. But finally, finally, we came to a delicious conclusion. And now, we’re ready and eager to announce the newest Glee Gum flavor.

Introducing (drum roll, please…) Sugar-Free Wild Watermelon!

Glee Gum Pouch- Wild Watermelon

Sugar-Free Wild Watermelon Glee Gum is one heck of a fun, new flavor. It’s the sweet taste of summer, all year long. It’s that most refreshing of fruits and vegetables—and yes, it is considered both a fruit (it’s a melon) and a veggie (it’s a gourd). And that’s not all! Sugar-Free Wild Watermelon also comes in our newest pack size: resealable & recyclable pouches of 75 pieces of gum. The handy new pouches keep gum fresh when you’re on the go. And they’re ideal for sharing—if you dare!

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