Such a Treat to Be Featured in Bon Appétit!

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the Union. But as anyone who lives here knows, we’ve got BIG appetites for great food! 

And why stop at great food when there is also grand, glorious chewing gum? Like, say, GLEE?

In the new May issue of Bon Appétit Magazine, Glee Gum in Triple Berry flavor has been named one of the top three treats in the state of RI. And that’s no easy feat, given all the yummy eats to be found around here!

Triple Berry, Superstar!
Triple Berry, Superstar!

In the article “The United Plates of America”,  Bon Appétit celebrates the best things to eat, drink, and buy throughout the country. For the entry on Rhode Island, “what to buy” is Glee Triple Berry Gum. YUM!

The experts at Bon Appétit also recommend pork pie from Hartley’s Pork Pies in Lincoln, RI and bitter rhubarb and strawberry punch from La Laiterie at Farmstead in Providence. Hmm, is anyone else feeling hungry?

Have a fun and food-filled weekend, gum chums!

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