Stories of Sweets & Sustainability

Looking for a good read?
Look no further!

We´ve got loads of info right here on the Glee Gum website that you may have never noticed before!

For example, if you would like to study the sustainable harvest of chicle in greater detail, turn to a scintillating (hey, you know me and horn-tooting!) essay on the subject in our About Us section. It even includes some lovely portraits of chicleros!

If you wonder why we root for the rainforest, read on for an explanation of our adoration and efforts at conservation.
We hope you will find the biology and ecology of rainforest regions to be as fascinating as we do!

If the story of gum leaves you hungry for more, you´re sure to love The Sticky History of Chewing Gum in our Education section. From lost civilizations to inspired inventors, it´s an adventure all right!

Stick around the Education section for The Gooey Tale of Gummies. Even if you already know that seaweed is the secret to yummy gummies, the way that seaweed is farmed may surprise you!

For “dessert”, cuddle up with The Sweet Saga of Chocolate. Turns out even Montezuma, the last king of the Aztecs, was a sucker for this stuff!

We are always working to make our website more fun and informative. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know with a quick email to 

Now jeepers creepers, rest those weepers of yours already! And have a wonderful weekend, gum chums!

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