Sugar-Free Gum, Xylitol from Birch trees

Short and Sweet: Xylitol and Diabetes

In a time where sugar is found in almost everything we eat, being diabetic can be more than just inconvenient – it can be it can be downright torturous. That’s why we at Glee take great effort to offer natural Xylitol sweetened Sugar-Free choices of gum and candy to our customers, so that folks with a wide variety of dietary needs don’t have to go without a nice treat every now and again.

So why is Xylitol safe for use by diabetics? It goes back to something called the Glycemic index[1] (GI) – a scale that measures how foods with carbohydrates affect your blood sugar levels – how fast they rise and how fast they fall again. The higher the GI number, the faster the rate of metabolization, and the faster your blood sugar level will climb, and crash, after consuming. Since folks with diabetes are working hard to stabilize their blood sugar levels, it is often recommended that a person with diabetes follow a low GI diet.

There are 3 classifications for the Glycemic Index:

-55 or under is low

-56-69 is moderate

-70+ is high

For people with diabetes, or people who are pre-diabetic, it is recommended to follow a nutritious diet with a low to moderate glycemic index[2] to help prevent spikes and crashes. Chewing gum or eating sweets with a lower GI can help with this!

Here is a little example:

Glycemic index for table sugar:                   60-70

Glycemic index for Xylitol:                            approx.. 7


So, the next time you are looking for a low GI or low sugar treat, look no farther than Glee’s delicious Sugar-Free natural chewing gum in 5 flavors: SF Peppermint, SF Watermelon, SF Bubblegum, SF Wintergreen, and Sugar-Free Lemon Lime. And be sure to try our newest Xylitol treat: Sugar-Free Glee Tarts, with 4 yummy and low GI impact flavors: Cherry, Passion Fruit, Meyer Lemon, and Pineapple. Change to Sugar-Free Glee and Go Worry-Free!



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