Rave Reviews for Radius!

In Glee’s Providence headquarters, we spend a lot of time chewing gum. It’s one of the perks of the job! We also eat big lunches, munch on popcorn during staff meetings, and snack on sweets all afternoon (please feel free to send any spare chocolate our way). But, when the fine folks at RADIUS sent us a selection of toothbrushes to try, we stopped chewing (for a minute). One week of home trials later, the results were in.

RADIUS Fans at Glee“I love my new RADIUS toothbrush!” our sales director Katanya exclaims of the RADIUS Original. “It cleans my teeth and gives me a gum massage all at once. My dentist always told me to brush my teeth and my gums, but I have avoided it for years, either because the toothbrush was too hard and it hurt my gums, or it was too small and took too long. But, now I have no excuse, because a normal two-minute brushing takes care of everything!”

“Because of the size of the toothbrush head, it cleans more of my gums than regular toothbrushes—which is great,” agrees our shipping manager Chelsea. She also likes the texture. “My dentist told me that soft bristles are best for avoiding receding gums.”

Fatsuma in sales adds, “The bristles are very soft and comfortable, unlike many commercial brushes that may feel very abrasive on the gums. It allows me to get a really good cleaning with minimal effort in a reasonable amount of time.” She also finds the larger handle size to be a plus.

Ren in administration tried the Source toothbrush, which features a handle made from a creative combination of bio-plastic and recycled paper. Other materials used in Source handles include recycled wood and old dollar bills (wow!). Ren notes, “I like the fact that even my dental hygiene can be environmentally conscious.”

In addition to new toothbrushes, we had a chance to try RADIUS floss sachets. We all enjoyed their mint and cranberry flavors made with natural xylitol (the same sweetener used in Sugar-Free Glee!), as well as their variety spun from organic silk thread. “I love how they come in little packs with the perfect amount of floss,” says Fatsuma. And Ren describes them as “great for flossing on the go!”

RADIUS even sent us an array of their multi-use suction holders to test. Most of us positioned them in our respective bathrooms to hold our new toothbrushes, but they can be used elsewhere as well. Ren, for example, reports that her holder is “great for hands-free phone calls while multi-tasking.” Fatsuma calls hers “convenient, easy to use, and flexible enough for many different-sized objects.”

Wanna learn more? Check out RADIUS online, or follow the company on Facebook and Twitter. We’re grinning from ear to ear over here! (When we’re not busy chewing, of course).



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