Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth(s) Is

Glee Gum is all about eco-friendliness. But the makers of Glee factor environmental concerns into more than just ingredients, packaging, and business practices. For the last year, Verve, inc. has also been a proud member of 1% for the Planet. That means 1% of ALL sales of Glee Gum and Candy Kits are donated to environmental organizations. 

1% for the Planet (or 1% FTP) has a mission to “keep earth in business.” Since their inception in 2001, this novel non-profit has recruited over 700 businesses worldwide, all committed to donating 1% of sales to environmental groups. 1% FTP is particulary nifty in that it places the power of environmental change in the hands of its members, allowing them to send donations directly to the specific groups they choose. Woo hoo!

For the makers of Glee Gum, that means donations to organizations that we know and believe in. Locally we contribute to the Southside Community Land Trust, which provides community gardens, environmental education, and more in the same inner city Providence neighborhood where Verve, inc.´s offices are located. Love them!

We are also thrilled to support the Center for Creative Learning in Monteverde, Costa Rica. More info on this innovative school is written up on the About Us page of our website. Check it out!

And with the help of the Forest Foundation, we grant six academic scholarships per year to the sons and daughters of Mexican chicleros (the folks who harvest chicle, the key ingredient in Glee Gum!). The scholarships are for students to pursue environmental studies in the fields of biology, ecology, and/or sustainable forestry. 

We hope ALL businesses appreciate the relationship between industry and ecology, and find their own environmental agencies to support. As Yvon Chouinard, co-founder of 1% For the Planet as well as Patagonia, once said, you can consider it an “Earth Tax.” But we think it´s the kind of tax that EVERYONE benefits from paying.

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for the 1% for the Planet logo on other products you enjoy! Lots of like-minded service providers are members too!

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