Package Deal - Gum Dispenser Plus 1 LB Bulk Glee Gum

Package Deal: Gum Dispenser + 1 lb. Bulk Gum

$29.95/ Dispenser + 1LB Glee

Enjoy a nifty gum dispenser and the gum with which to fill it! Each cherry red, antique-style gum dispenser features a glass globe and a metal base, lid, and coin mechanism. Made by Carousel, the gum dispenser looks just as fetching as when the design was first introduced in the 1920’s!

The Glee Gum Dispenser stands 9″ tall and holds around 1 lb. of Bulk Glee Gum (approximately 350 pieces of Classic Glee, or 400 pieces of Sugar-Free Glee — the amount that you get in a tube). It accepts quarters, dimes, or nickels, all of which can be retrieved once the machine is full. It can also be set to “free spin” to work without coins. Each spin dispenses 3-4 pieces of gum. You pick which flavor of gum comes with it. This great gift also works as a piggy bank!

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