Educator's Guide to Chewing Gum from Glee Gum

Educator’s Guide To Gum

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The Educator’s Guide to Gum is a terrific tool for teachers and group leaders, suitable for use in the classroom as well as in informal learning environments. It includes a Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit, a lesson plan, a short documentary film, and a history book. Recommended for grades 6 and up, it is exclusively available at Please let us know how you like it!

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 The Educator’s Guide to Gum contains:

The Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit
A natural, interactive activity kit for kids that makes 30-60 pieces of gum

Educational Guide to the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit
Sample lesson plan, online resources, tips, and supplemental essays

“El Chicle” DVD
An 18-minute documentary film*, in Spanish with English subtitles, about the harvest of chicle

Chewing Gum History Book
“Chicle: The Chewing Gum Of The Americas, From The Ancient Maya To William Wrigley,” by Jennifer P. Mathews, The University Of Arizona Press, 2009

* If you are interested in purchasing the DVD or other components of this kit separately, please contact Thanks!

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