Bulk Sugar-Free Glee Gum


Sugar-free xylitol sweetened Glee Gum is available in recyclable bulk boxes. Perfect for filling up a gum dispenser, refilling your Glee Gum pouch, or for folks who simply chew a lot of gum, Glee’s bulk boxes offer a wallet and eco-conscious choice for Glee Gum lovers everywhere.

Each bulk box contains approximately 1lb of chewing gum, packed by volume, not piece count. Bulk sugar-free Glee Gum can be purchased in each of the xylitol flavors, or in a medley of all four, ideal for those who love them all.

Sugar-Free Glee Gum is made with natural ingredients like 100% xylitol and rainforest chicle. It contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives, is Vegan and Kosher certified, plus non-GMO Project verified, too! Our xylitol is sourced from plants and is a safe alternative to sugar that not only has oral health benefits, but is also diabetic and keto-diet friendly.

Great taste. Great value. No unnecessary packaging. What’s not to love?

Bulk Sugar-Free Glee Gum