Fun Stuff

Do you love chewing gum?

Us too. That’s why we thought you might like a zippy dispenser to store your gum in. Or a gum-themed puzzle for rainy nights by the fire. Or a complete classroom guide for sharing your love of gum with the next generation of gum chewers.

Next on our agenda? A bobble-head of our mascot, the Glee Guy. Stay tuned!

Grey Glee Tee Shirt

Grey Glee Gum Tee Shirt $14.95 / Tee More Info
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Package Deal: Dispenser + Bulk Gum

Package Deal - Gum Dispenser Plus 1 LB Bulk Glee Gum $29.95 / Dispenser + 1LB Glee More Info
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Blue Glee Tee Shirt

Glee Gum Tee Shirt - Blue $14.95 / Tee More Info
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