Plant a Tree, Spread the Glee

Give me a “T”! Give me an “R”! Give me a double “E”! What’s that spell?

No, really. What’s that spell?

gleemantreeHey, I’m just an illustrated mascot. I don’t spell. But I do celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day, both of which are coming up soon! Do you know that it’s also the International Year of Forests, as declared by the United Nations General Assembly? What better time to consider taking better care of our leafy friend, the tree!

Here at Verve, inc., we turn to trees for two key ingredients in Glee Gum. We make our gum base with chicle, the sustainably harvested sap of Mexican sapodilla trees, and we sweeten our new Sugar-Free Glee with xylitol, extracted from birch trees. And we want to invest in keeping forests fertile for years to come. Join us!

Every time you buy a pack of Glee Gum and register the purchase at, we will plant a tree. We’ll send you a nifty certificate of thanks, too! Our super swell partner in this tree planting program is Trees for the Future, an agroforestry resource center focused on bringing sustainable land management programs to developing countries.

We are also proud to support other tree planting organizations in their upcoming (and exciting!) Earth Day and Arbor Day events, including:

Casey Trees ~ Washington, DC

Goleta Valley Beautiful ~ Goleta, CA

Greenscape of Jacksonville ~ Jacksonville, FL

The Kent County Junior Chamber ~ West Warwick, RI

Trees Atlanta ~ Atlanta, GA

TreeUtah ~ Salt Lake City, UT

TreePeople ~ Beverly Hills, CA

Check ’em out and see what they’re up to! You just might spot some Glee Gum there.

So, let’s hear it for the trees! Can you spell “Y-I-P-P-E-E”?

Wow. I think I just did. Illustrated mascots everywhere, rejoice!

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