Phthalates – bad, Glee Gum – good!

Many people take the time to write to us and let us know how important it is to them that our natural chewing gum is plastic-free. Once you learn about the synthetic chemicals and artificial ingredients that are found in conventional chewing gums (like polyethylene or BHT), it’s hard not to seek out something cleaner. And now, it appears as though those harmful additives are doing more damage to our health than we realized: CNN journalist Sandee Lamotte reports on a new study just released that appears to find a link between phthalates, a common type of plastic found in foods and its packaging, and early death. You can check out Sandee’s report here, along with some helpful ways that you can avoid these harmful plastics in your life. Stay healthy, go plastic-free, go Glee!

Phthalates: Synthetic chemical in consumer products linked to early death, study finds – CNN

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