Ode to Glee: Poetry Contest Winners Delight Me!

Golly gee, I can’t believe how many folks wrote poems for me!

There were so many great submissions to the Glee May-June ’09 Poetry Contest that it was almost impossible to pick just three winners. From beginning to end, I loved all that everyone penned. I’m tickled pink to have such swell new friends!

That said, CONGRATULATIONS to Benita G., Isabel C. and Stefanie S. for penning the winning verses! Here they are, in all their rhyming glory. Enjoy your Glee Gum Dispensers, ladies! They are well-earned indeed!



By Benita G., Bronx, NY


I’m drawn to a gum named glee.

Pop it in your mouth and you’ll see

The gum is first rate,

The flavor is great

And it’s also dairy free.


“The Glee for Me”

By Isabel C., Southwest Ranches, FL


I detest fake sugar

It makes me feel sick

But finding gum without it

Was a monumental trick

I searched and wouldn’t stop

Until I found my Glee

Now I’m satisfied to chew

The sweetest gum for me!


“My Glee Gum Poem”

By Stefanie S., Las Vegas, NV


I love Glee Gum,

The taste is so yum.

Every flavor is sweet,

My favorite candy treat.


Right from the start,

Glee Gum had my heart.

The tastiest is Glee,

The only gum for me.


Cinnamon, Spearmint and Triple Berry.

Every bite makes me feel really merry.

All natural goodness and nothing bad.

It’s additive free and oh so rad.


The best is Glee,

The only one for me.

Vegetarian and great,

Makes my breath minty fresh for a date.


Nothing false or unreal,

This gum has real appeal.

Great taste in every chew,

Perfect for your friends, perfect for you.


The syrup is rice

Having no soy is nice.

Each bite has punch,

And freshens after lunch.


The tangerine has tang that never ends,

Great for your family and all your friends.

You’ll love how it lasts,

So much better than gums of the past.


The ingredients are true,

This gum is for you.

The perfect gum is Glee,

It is what gum was meant to be.



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