Non-GMO Project Verified!

jpegOctober marks the national celebration of Non-GMO Month. And we’re especially excited to celebrate this year, because Glee Gum just became the world’s first Non-GMO Project Verified chewing gum!

GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms,” are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses, and other animals and plants. These experimental combinations of genes are still being researched. Non-GMO Project Verification signifies that all flavors of Glee Gum have been produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard—following rigorous best practices for GMO avoidance, including segregation and traceability to prevent contamination.

“We believe in consumers’ right to know when GMOs are in their food,” our company founder and president Deborah Schimberg explains. “And we hope that the US will join the 60-plus other countries around the world that require labeling. In the meantime, it was important to our company and our customers to seek Non-GMO Project Verification for Glee Gum. We’re thrilled to receive it, and consider it another great reason to feel good about chewing Glee.”

Since October 2011, Glee Gum has been a proud partner of the Just Label It! campaign, advocating for the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered food. And since that time, we’ve seen the grassroots movement for GMO labeling continue to grow and gain momentum. A 2012 Mellman Group poll, for example, found that 91% of American consumers wanted GMOs to be labeled. That’s quite a percentage! Washington voters get a chance to weigh in this November with Initiative 522, and 25 other states have pending bills or ballot initiatives to label GMOs. Here’s hoping that this is just the beginning of big changes to come!

Please consider learning more at And, as always, thanks for your support of Glee Gum!

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