Nifty New Arrivals

While rising temps could make you doubt it, back-to-school season is almost here. And we’ve got just the thing to get kiddos in a learning mood: LunchStars!

LunchStars are bubble gum trading cards for the eco-friendly generation. Each package contains 2 educational trivia cards and 1 box of Bubblegum Flavor Mini Glee Gum. What sort of trivia? Fun facts about the earth, oceans, outer space, history, and science. Some tidbits are kooky, others spooky, and all feature fabulous comic illustrations.

The concept for LunchStars was developed by 2 health-conscious moms, who also happen to be good friends: designer/ trivia maven Rose Cricchio and artist Lynne Starling. The cards are printed with soy ink on post-recycled paper, and packed randomly in compostable cellophane bags. They’re sold in sets of 5 packs for better trading, and recommended for ages 6 – 12. Read, share, and enjoy!

We’ve also got just the thing to while away a lazy Sunday: the Gum Wrappers Jigsaw Puzzle.

As 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles go, the Gum Wrappers Puzzle is a real chewy challenge. It features a collage of chewing gum packs from past and present. See if you can spot the Glee Gum box among them! Designed by Charlie Girard and made by Mountain Puzzles, Inc., the finished size is 24″ x 30″ (in case you want to get a frame ready in advance). It’s a great gift idea for all the gum lovers you know!

Designer Charlie is a former wedding photographer and self-described puzzle fanatic. He told us about his inspiration for this one. “Basically, when I design a puzzle, I always try to design something that has an element of fun. When I think of gum, I think back to all the things I associate with chewing gum. Playing Little League baseball, offering a stick of gum to a special person, enjoying a piece of gum after a nice meal, and the list goes on and on. I was sure that there were many others that would feel the same way when they made a puzzle with all their favorite gum.”

Solve it and see if you agree!


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