Moseying Over to Minnesota!

Ah, Minnesota…

Home to such wonders as the Mall of America, the world´s biggest ball of twine, and the largest statue of Paul Bunyon… 

Birthplace of such marvels as masking tape, staplers, snowmobiles, and bundt pans… 

Location of the Living Green Expo THIS VERY WEEKEND!

That´s right, folks! My Gleeful representatives are sallying forth to St. Paul, Minnesota for a weekend of fun, excitement, and Glee Gum samples galore!

If you´re in the area, swing on by the Living Green Expo. There will be workshops, family events, food demonstations, music, and more! 

It´s all happening:
Saturday May 3 & Sunday May 4
from 10 AM to 5 PM
at the Minnesota Fair Grounds, 
1755 Dan Patch Ave., St. Paul. 

For more information, check out
the Expo website here now or visit at your leisure. 

Minnesota will never be the same again!

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