Priya, the Capuchin monkey, loves Glee Gum. That’s right, you heard me – I said monkey. Unlike the misguided (but adorable) monkey who stole our hearts in the 1994 hit “Monkey Trouble”, Priya is a good girl who, like the rest of us, enjoys a sweet treat every now and then. When her human, Amy, told me she bought Glee Gum for her monkey, I thought she was joking. I mean, monkeys can’t chew gum, right? But it turns out, that’s not entirely true.

In fact, animals in the wild do chew and/or eat tree saps or gums. For example, there are “Gummivores” – primates and other tree dwelling herbivores whose primary diets consist of gums and saps of trees. This includes marmosets, lemurs, koalas, and even adorable bush babies. Granted, they usually ingest the gum, but they offset that by resting during digestion, to give the gum plenty of… travel time. Heck, Marmosets will spend up to a third of their day sacrificing social interactions and grooming, two of their most favorite things, to nap and digest. Then there are the animals that just plain old like to chew things: cows, beavers, termites, even your own dog – no slipper is safe!

With all the junk available out there, it would be all too easy for Priya to have an unhealthy diet. So like any good mom, when Amy learned about the plastics and chemicals that most chewing gums today are made of, she knew she had to find something better. After some online digging, she came across our site and found Glee Gum. About as close to a tree as a chewing gum can get, vegan Glee is plastic-free, plant based, and allergy friendly, 3 characteristics that have always been important to us, and to our customers.

When Amy learned about Glee Gum, she knew she had to have Priya try it. And even better, she was kind enough to share the experience with us! Note: don’t worry about the sounds that Priya makes when you watch it. “The chirp she is making is her love sound”, Amy says, “she’s in heaven when she makes it.”

NOTE: Please do not feed your pets anything without running it by their vet first. What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander!

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