Meet Wee Glee! Plus a Giveaway & a Candy Kit Cutie

Howdy do, gum chews!

I am delighted to introduce you to a brand new product: WEE GLEE!

(And no, I did not have a Glee Baby.)

Itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, oh-so-yummy Wee Glee!
Golly gee! It's Wee Glee!

Wee Glee is Glee Gum in a nifty new form: itsy bitsy, teeny weeny pieces perfectly sized to pop by the handful. Each 1-ounce box contains a scrumptious medley of four fantastic flavors: Tangerine, Triple Berry, Bubblegum, and *new* Banana!

Did you catch that last part? I said, NEW BANANA! It’s true, it’s true; a new Glee flavor for YOU! It’s mellow, yellow, sunny and sometimes it’s the lyric in songs that are funny. Hear, hear for the brilliant, the blog-worthy BANANA! 

Wee Glee comes in cases of 8 boxes, so you can share it with all of your best gum chums. It may even help you make some new ones! For more information about Wee Glee or to place an order, just click right here

In the meantime… check out this great Mini Glee Variety Giveaway at the gluten-free lifestyle site,!


For a chance to win one of five FREE Mini Glee Variety packs, go to the post “WIN-It-Wednesday: Glee Gum”. All you need do to enter is to reply to the post with something that made you happy today. Easy-peasy! Winners will be chosen at random, and the deadline to enter is Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 12 midnight EST. So, what are ya waiting for?

In conclusion, I just want to thank 1StopMom for the bang-up review (and giveaway) of the Make Your Own Chocolate Kit!  She even included some adorable pictures of a young cacao-bean taste-tester. To check it out, click here

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an awful lot of Wee Glee to chew. May I suggest the same for you?

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