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Here at Glee Gum, we get a LOT of donation requests. Nearly every day, we hear from an organization that would like to include Glee Gum in their fair or fundraiser. Hey, who can blame them? (Of course, you know my sentiments on the subject of Glee. Something along the lines of… YIPPEE!!!)

While we can’t accommodate every request, we do our best to spread the Glee far as the eye can see. This month, at the request of a dental hygienist named Linda, we sent some Glee Gum samples to a conference on autism. In truth, we weren’t 100% sure how Glee would be helpful at such an event, but were delighted to hear that it could!

Linda sent this lovely note with an explanation shortly after.

My job as the oral health consultant for Autism is Medical, Inc. is to provide parents and children who are affected with one or more difficulties on the autism spectrum with an oral hygiene program that is safe and effective. All of the children suffer from gastrointestinal difficulties associated with autism and its related disorders, and must be on incredibly strict diets. In addition, it is often the case that many of the children must be on liquid-only diets in order to “rest” their inflamed GI systems. It is my concern that not having food to chew will cause their teeth and oral tissues to become coated with plaque and debris, resulting in decay.

That is where your gum comes into play. The mechanics of chewing gum will allow for the teeth/ jaws to be functional, and for the oral tissues to produce saliva normally. Glee gum is the only gum that is safe for them to chew, as it doesn’t contain any of the irritating/ allergy-producing ingredients found in all other products… Parents are already overwhelmed by this disease, [so] it is nice when we can help them by pointing them in healthy directions.

Thank you again for your attention and generosity.


Linda Cooling, R.D.H.

Thank YOU for sharing, Linda. This letter brings Glee, naturally!

Until next time, gum chums, here’s wishing you and yours a most Glee-ful Friday. Ciao for now!

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