Lounging in the Library

Brrr! I don´t know how the temperature is where you are, gum chums, but here in Rhode Island it is FREEZING! 

This wintry weather is perfect for curling up with a good book or three. So bundle up and trundle down to your local library. I´ve got a *hot* reading list for you and yours that´s sure to keep the chill outdoors! (Gee, did I just use the word “hot” correctly? These new-fangled, trendy adjectives always snow me!)


– Chewing Gum: The Fortunes of Taste by Michael Redclift – Routledge (2004). 
An exciting social and environmental history of chewing gum from ancient Mayan civilization to current pop culture. 

– The Chewing Gum Book by Robert Young – Dillon Press (1989).
A synopsis of the chewing gum story for kids, including pictures, timelines, and fun facts “to stick in your mind.”

– Bubblemania by Lee Wardlaw – Aladdin (1997). 
A kids´ book that the whole family can enjoy, filled with answers to everything you´ve ever wondered about chewing gum – including how to make it (Gum Kit, anyone?) and how to get it off things!

– The Great American Chewing Gum Book by Robert Henrickson – Chilton (1976).
Hard to find but worth the hunt! One of the first books on chewing gum and one of the best, filled with fascinating tidbits.

And keep your eyes peeled for
– Chicle: The Chewing Gum of the Americas, From the Ancient Maya to William Wrigley – University of Arizona Press (2009). 
This brand new book by Jennifer P. Mathews, associate professor of anthropology at Trinity University, is an in-depth study of the origins and history of chewing gum– including Glee! 

Woo wee! You´re an expert in gum now, yippee! Maybe you´d like to join a book club with me?

P.S. Thanks to Green on the Rock, a blog about green living in Ontario, for a bang-up review of Glee Gum. You´re the best!

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