Sample lesson plans, candy histories, fun facts, and tasty tidbits. Lots to chew on!

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Learn More about Glee Gum

Journey from Tree to Glee

Ever wondered how chewing gum gets from tree to GLEE?

Let’s take a trip to find out!  Read More.

Fun Facts

Love gum? Then you’re probably gonna love these fun facts about it. Read More.

Plant a Tree

Tell us you bought some Glee, and we will plant a tree!  Read More.

All About Gum Base

What gives gum its unique, chewy texture? Gum base. What’s gum base? Good question. Read More.

Chicle and Sustainability

We believe that consumers can make a big difference in determining the fate of the earth. A good starting point is to learn where products come from and how they get to other parts of the world. Here’s the story of chicle. Read More.

Rooting for the Rainforest

Picture yourself walking through a lush green forest. The heat is intense; sweat beads up on your skin and trickles down your back. Moisture is everywhere— dripping off the leaves, forming pools on the forest floor, and creating a mist in the air. Read More.

Gum Lesson Plan

A free guide to using the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit in the classroom.  Read More.

Gummies Lesson Plan

A free guide to using the Make Your Own Gummies Kit in the classroom. Read More.

Chocolate Lesson Plan

A free guide to using the Make Your Own Chewing Chocolate Kit in the classroom. Read More.

Sweet Saga of Chocolate

Chocolate comes in many shapes and forms – in bars and kisses, in steaming mugs of cocoa and cold, creamy milkshakes. But do you know where it comes from?  Read More.

Gooey Tale of Gummies

Gummies are delicious, with a texture unlike any other candy. What is the secret to this gooey, goopy, tasty treat? The answer can be found in the Philippines and other coastal regions of Asia. Read More.

Sticky History of Chewing Gum

When you pop a piece of gum into your mouth, you’re more likely to be concerned with its taste and bubble capabilities than with its history. But if you were to wonder about the origins of your gum, you’d have a lot more to chew on.  Read More.