I Spy with My Glee-ful Eye…

Photo Credit: Marta Drane, NMAI

Spotted in Washington, DC. Any guesses where this Peppermint Glee could be?

Photo Credit: Marta Drane, NMAI

It’s in the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian! First level, main hallway, on the way to the Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe.

Pretty neat, huh?

Glee is part of a three-case exhibit entitled “American Indian Foods in the Global Pantry.” The description notes, “The global impact of foods indigenous to the Americas is so immense that we sometimes forget their origins and how they have transformed the world. Today, corn, cassava, potatoes, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes are among the world’s most heavily produced crops. These and other American foods are staples in homes throughout the world and sustain populations worldwide just as they have nourished Native families for millennia.” 

Why is Glee Gum in that case? Because it’s made with chicle, the tree sap once chewed by the ancient Maya. 

Have you spied Glee anywhere unusual lately? We’d love to see! 



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