Have a GREEN Halloween!

Halloween is nearly here! Wonder how I will dress up? I don´t mind tellin´ ya, it´s awful hard to find a costume that fits over my huge head! And I am absolutely NOT going to be a tomato… again…

Of course, with Halloween just around the corner, it means that lots and lots of CANDY is too. And nothing tastes as sweet as an eco-friendly treat! That’s why Glee Gum is thrilled to participate in Green Halloween® this year! Forget orange and black. With a month full of events in cities across the U.S., this community movement is adding some much-needed GREEN to Halloween! 

Green Halloween® is a non-profit, grassroots organization striving to create healthier, eco-friendlier holidays– beginning with Halloween. Now in its second year, the movement is all about educating and inspiring communities by showing how easy, affordable, and fun it can be to factor our earth and our health into our daily choices. In a show of support, Glee Gum is donating over ten thousand samples for Green Halloween® events in six different cities: Seattle, WA, Canton, CT, Phoenix, AZ, Daytona Beach, FL, Los Angeles, CA and the Bay Area, CA. That´s a lot of gum!

From a pumpkin prowl at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle to a spookfest at the Little Green Tambourine in Canton, events with Green Halloween® are sure to be a scream! And Green Halloween® booths will also be cropping up at lots of local festivals and eco-friendly stores to chat with interested parents and hand out tasty treats to tots. You can learn more about the movement and find fun events near you at the Green Halloween® website.

Green Halloween® is a program of Treeswing, a non-profit based in Seattle which aims to improve kids’ health and prevent childhood obesity. Quite a noble cause! 

So have a happier, healthier, GREENer Halloween this year. And remember, eco-friendly eating makes for sweeter trick-or-treating!

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