Gum Galore!

Howdy do, gum chews!

While wandering aimlessly in Internet Land (off the clock, of course), I came across the website of the International Chewing Gum Association. This is an association of big-time chewing gum manufacturers and ingredient suppliers to which I, a small fry, do not actually belong.  Indeed, I would go so far as to call them the big guns. Or, in this case, the big gums!

Not being the competitive sort, I set upon their website with Glee and found all sorts of information that was interesting to me!

Naturally, I thought it only fair that I share. So here are some sections I think you will particularly enjoy. Just a little light reading on the subject of gum… Hey, it ain’t Tolstoy!

How Gum Is Made

You’ve probably seen our spiffy slide show about the process from Tree to Glee. The ICGA has a similar chart, novel for featuring drawings of all the machinery!

The Story of Gum

The ICGA offers another fun version of the familiar tale, including mention of the spruce gum that Native Americans once traded with Early American settlers.  


Not all of the items on the ICGA’s list of frequently asked questions apply to Glee Gum. But  you’ll find some nifty tidbits in there nonetheless, such as how to get gum off hair (hint: citrus peel solvents) and what really happens when you swallow gum (tip: it doesn’t stay there for seven years!)

The Benefits of Gum

This winter, you may find holiday pounds proving hard to shed, seasonal blues playing tricks with the head, and financial anxiety adding to an overall sense of dread. But it seems that chewing gum can provide a surprising way to reduce stress, shed weight, and bring cheer to an otherwise gloomy time of year! 

And so, in closing, I must implore you to chew Glee Gum galore, you!


All the hedgehogs agree: chew with Glee, naturally!
All the hedgehogs agree: chew with Glee, naturally!





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