Green Spotlight On… Trees for the Future!

Hope you are enjoying spring and all the buds and blossoms it brings… And, yes, occasional allergies too. *a-CHOO!* 

Speaking of all things swell and green, there’s a great group on which I’m keen. Introducing…  Trees for the Future

logo2Since chicle-harvesting can only protect the sapodilla trees that produce it, the folks here at Glee Gum were wondering what else we could do to help keep forests fertile for years to come. That’s when we learned about this super-duper organization with the super-power name! 

Trees for the Future is an agroforestry resource center that introduces sustainable land management programs to developing countries, primarily through tree planting programs. All across the world, Trees for the Future empowers rural groups to restore forests, protect the environment, and preserve traditional livelihoods and cultures. Hear, hear!

Covering Seedbeds in Honduras
Covering Seedbeds in Honduras

Verve, inc., the maker of Glee Gum, is proud to partner with Trees for the Future in their efforts to plant trees in Central America. Now, for each pack of Glee Gum that you purchase and then register online here, a tree is planted! You’ll even receive a nifty certificate of thanks. Planting trees is an immediate way to offset our carbon footprint, and have a lot of fun to boot. Give it a try!

3-Month-Old Seedlings of Acrocarpus fraxinifolius (Phew! That's a name!)
3-Month-Old Seedlings of Acrocarpus fraxinifolius (Phew! That's a name!)

To learn more about our partnership with Trees for the Future and all the great work they do, please click here. 

If you happen to live in the Washington, DC-area, there are a few upcoming fundraisers you can check out too! There’s a silent art auction in Bethesda, MD on Saturday, May 30, and two benefit concerts of the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic on Sunday, May 31 and Sunday, June 7. For more information on these events and others, please click here

Children at a School in Honduras with the Plants They're Growing!
Children at a School in Honduras with the Plants They're Growing. Keep Up the Good Work, Guys!

Until next time, gum chums!

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