Green Royals Rule!

Hear ye, hear ye, gum chums.

It’s good to be king, as we all know. But it’s even better to be a green one! 

Check out this swell article by Vanessa Kerr on “10 Green Royals.”

It may just renew your faith in the ruling class!

For example, didja know that Queen Elizabeth II of England planted a chemical-free vegetable garden on the grounds of Buckingham Palace and installed a mini hydroelectric power plant for Windsor Castle? Say wha-? ‘Tis true!

And didja hear how the U.N. Environment Program named Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan the 2007 Champion of the Earth (!!) for his efforts on behalf of renewable energy and conservation?

You can read all about them, and the work of other titled environmental advocates, right here. And thanks to Vanessa Kerr for reminding me that it’s not all cream puffs and silver spoons at the top. There’s room for green do-gooding too!

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