Green Resolutions for You!

The end of the year is finally here! The new year is drawing near.

Do you have great plans for 2010? No? Well, hey, grab a pen!

I’ve got a few lists of green resolutions for you. You can pick and choose what to do!

The Daily Green offers “15 Resolutions for the Environment that Actually Make a Difference.” Fifteen ways to be really, super green!

If that sounds like ten too many to commit to, check out “5 Green Resolutions to Make Now to Be Ready for 2010” on Discovery’s Planet Green.

Feeling a bit more energetic? Planet Green also provides “7 Resolution Reminders, Including: Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle… Radical?”

But, if you’re really dragging, kindly suggests you pick three of their “9 Great Green Resolutions for 2010“. Just three! How easy could that be?

Naturally, I know you are a busy bee. So if you have time for only one green resolution next year, well… You can always chew GLEE!

Happy new year, gum chums! Thanks for your support throughout the year. Please know that I hold you very dear!


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