Green n' Crafty

Gum chums, I know you are a clever bunch. But I bet sometimes even you are stumped for new ways to express your genius and creativity. Too sleepy to sing another song? Too pooped to write another poem? Too plumb tuckered to paint another masterpiece? Never fear! I have the perfect solution here. How about… crafting? is a swell site certain to help you “discover the crafter in you.” It’s got thousands of free project ideas in all areas of crafting, gathered with permission from manufacturers, designers and bloggers. I first learned about the site when it featured an article about Glee Gum and the Make Your Own Candy Kits (hey, what’s not to love?). And I was thrilled to see their Green Crafting section, chock-full of eco-friendly crafting concepts!

Just to give you a sampling, consider Pizza Box ArtPizzaBoxArt

How about a lovely necklace made of bread tags? Charming! Bread-Tag-Jewelry

Giving one of your new creations as a gift? Be sure to top it with a beautiful bow made of magazines!magazinebow

And you’ll love these lists of nifty and novel things you can do with old toothbrushes and sweaters! Say, that puppet looks like an argyle I once knew…

While you’re on the site, you might want to sign up for the newsletter and take a peek at the blog. While you’re at it, check out the latest giveaways, like the chance to win a book about the Japanese art of Temari (thread balls) or a gift basket of products from Earth Safe Finishes.

Hm. My miniature replica of the Taj Mahal, made entirely of chewing gum, is not going so well. I’m going to head over to FaveCrafts for some inspiration. See you there, my crafty comrades!

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