Great Gum Ideas? Elementary, My Dear Watson

Glee Gum may have met its match! Check out the fabulous flavors and brilliant branding created by the first grade students of J.A. Allard Elementary School in PA.

The school recently purchased 7 pounds of chicle gum base. As part of an annual Math/ Science Olympics program, the gum base was distributed among the members of the first grade class. The students took the gum base pellets home to make their own unique brands of chewing gum, with the help of their parents. They chose the flavors, the packaging and the names, and then presented the results at school.

What did they come up with? All manner of delicious-ness! Take, just for example, Logan’s Lemon Zinger, Marissa’s Pink Peppermint Passion, Kira’s Blueberry-Mint, and Rhianna’s Red Berry Cherry Twist. Then there were some more mysterious in nature, such as Green Monster Gum and Grape Ape Gum (which featured the snappy slogan “Eat if you dare.”) And they all looked lovely!

Thanks to Principal McElroy for sending these super pictures… and for giving Glee a healthy dose of competition!


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