Gleeful Times at Wild Time Comics

Wild Time Comics in Attleboro, MA recently celebrated Free Comic Book Day with a little help from Glee Gum. Judging by the pictures, it was a fine day indeed! You really can’t go wrong when you combine anything “free” with Glee. Here, take a look-see!

823540_10152091887274007_6217769484703781758_o 882110_10152091877384007_5668849600532765345_o 1836712_10152091893684007_1998510863073684361_o 10014891_10152091884439007_1134586446676071198_o 10154514_10152091895584007_3927827573769713627_n 10321086_10152091890889007_1980033097680687096_o

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