Glee Gum Paints the Town (and TV, and Internet) Green!

Lately, have you been seeing green?

No doubt that’s because Glee Gum is all OVER the scene!

Let me help you understand what I mean. Glee Gum has been making the rounds from blogs to TV and everywhere in between!

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First off, did anyone see Glee Gum on TV? In the last few weeks, Glee Gum has turned up on ABC’s “Good Morning America“, ABC7, and “The Martha Stewart Show“! Stardom, here we come! And unlike starlets, we do not mind if the camera makes Glee Gum look like it gained ten pounds. Just means more Glee for me!

All joking aside (for now), thanks to Melinda at Fit and Fabulous for hosting a Glee Gum Giveaway! Be sure to check it out today.


Kudos to the folks at Go Dairy Free for being so enthusiastic about Glee! See which other Halloween treats made their top ten list here.


Three cheers for Planet Forward blog The Sustainable Scribe for posting “Glee Gum for Greener Lifestyles.” The bee’s knees, I tell you, the absolute bee’s knees!

Besides which…

Glee Gum snagged a spot in the Slashfood article “‘X’ Marks the Spot – Rhode Island”, alongside such local delicacies as coffee syrup, cabinets, and johnnycakes! Sweet! 

Not to mention…

Thanks to for a bang-up Glee Gum review. You guys are the cats pajamas!


Gotta love the SPEWD Free Mom‘s suggestion for soy, peanut, eggs, wheat and dairy free gum. Yum!


It’s super to see the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit included in SIERRA Magazine‘s holiday guide, “Gifts That Keep Giving.”


Thanks to Doanut Diaries for letting us know that Glee Gum made it all the way down under, to Australia! 


Thank you to all the wonderful websites and blogs like GirlawhirlOver Coffee- the Green EditionEcoscene, CandyAddict, MommyFuel, Go Green Articles Blog, I Liked It But I Didn’t Love It Blog, and the Green Living Newsletter for writing about the “Your Ticket to Glee” Sweepstakes! Don’t forget, gum chums, you have six more weeks to keep your eyes peeled for a winning ticket. You could be on your way to Hollywood soon!

And then we’ll be writing about YOU painting the town green…

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