Glad Tidings from Glee! Plus Recycling Tips, For Free!

This is the time of year when some folks see visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. But those-in-the-know know nothing beats the candy can-can and the chewing gum cha-cha! So get in step with me and fill your holiday with Glee! 

Speaking of sweet stuff, Verve HQ received the neatest Green Living Newsletter the other day from friends at Starfish Junction Productions. It featured a great article entitled “17 Things You Thought You Couldn´t Recycle”, complete with ways to recycle them! 

What kind of things were included? Here´s a sampling:

– Christmas trees

– Holiday lights

– Cell phones

– Sneakers

– Eyeglasses

– Computers

– Prom dresses

– Packing peanuts

And much more!

To read the article in full and sign up for a free e-subscription to Green Living, check out their website at

If you know of more ways to recycle the seemingly un-recyclable, please let me know! It is music to my ears. Email me at

Season´s greetings and happy holidays, gum chums! At the close of another Gleeful year, I´m wishing you heaps and heaps of good cheer!

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