Feingold Diet Fine By Us!

Gum chums!

How you be? I´ve been missing you loads, naturally! Now it´s not that I think you are round, but I want to share some info on diets I´ve found!

Diets in general sound pretty scary to me. I can´t imagine being full of Glee on a diet that restricts carbs and candy! But there´s one called the Feingold Diet that actually makes a lot of sense- especially since Glee Gum is Feingold Diet-approved!

According to the Feingold Association of America, the Feingold Diet is a food elimination program designed to help determine whether certain foods or additives affect people´s behavior and health. More and more studies find correlations between the intake of synthetic food additives and the increase in behavioral tendencies like hyperactivity. And when you read about what´s actually IN some of the artificial additives… well, talk about scary! 

For example, did you know that many artificial food dyes and preservatives are derived from petroleum (crude oil) – the same stuff that is in gasoline? Vroom vroom! Or that a common imitation vanilla flavoring called “vanillin” is actually a waste product from paper mills? Glee Gum is all for recycling, but golly, that´s taking it a bit far!

The Feingold Diet, in brief, suggests cutting out artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, aspartame (an artificial sweetener), and artificial preservatives BHA, BHT, TBHQ. Folks of all ages have found the Feingold Diet to be very helpful! You can read all about it on the Feingold Association´s website here now, or by visiting www.feingold.org later. 

And how does Glee Gum fit in? Well, it doesn´t contain any of the bad stuff! Glee Gum has NO artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives. It´s sweetened with natural cane sugar and rice syrup. Glee Gum´s natural coloring looks pretty as a picture, and it´s made from stuff you´ve actually heard of! For example, beta carotene (like in carrots) gives Tangerine its tart appearance, while red beets lend Cinnamon its rosy pink glow. What´s not to love?

So here´s wishing you all a happy, additive-free fall!

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