Feeling the Love

Valentine’s Day is on its way. And you know what that means for me. Time to cozy up to a nice, big pack of Glee! 

For those of you who prefer chocolate on V-Day (cuckoo! cuckoo!), I suppose I’ll allow it. But only if you consider making your own this year!

It’s the sweetest time to try this treat, since Verve, inc. is offering an exclusive special on the Make Your Own Chocolate Kits this very week! You can get a whopping 30% off the Chocolate Kit when you enter the secret code (well, not so secret anymore!) valentine on our promotions page.

Present the finished product to your sweetie and prepare for compliments, cuddles, and kisses in return. At least, that’s what I give myself when I make my own chocolate!

Speaking of love, I’ve got a few new friends to thank for some recent press.  

Thanks heaps to Gluten-free.tv for a rave review of Glee Gum. What a neat video! 

And I’m all kinds of grateful to Mom Fuse for their in-depth review of Glee Gum and the Make Your Own Candy Kits.

Mom Fuse was even kind enough to include the Candy Kits in their guide to Valentine’s Day gifts for daughters and sons. As a site that’s for moms, by moms, Mom Fuse really does have a lot of great ideas!

It was also nifty to see “Mommy Reviewer” Gina’s great pictures of the Kits in action on her site,  The Clan McLeod. Thanks, Gina!

And speaking of moms, belated thanks are due to The Green Mom Review, a blog about “eco-fabulous living” which featured Glee Gum last month. 

In conclusion, I shall leave you with a wee poem in honor of the holiday.  

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

I’m full of Glee,

And I hope you are too!

XOXO, gum chums!






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