Featured Fans: Spotted in the Big Apple

Ariel C., Hannah H., and Rosie C. work together in sales for a furniture designer. They get their Glee Gum—Spearmint or Peppermint, please— from the corner deli near their Manhattan office.

A few fun facts about these three clever colleagues: one grew up in the Philippines. Another just might be obsessed with Beyoncé and Jay-Z. And the third is rumored to be excellent at riding mechanical bulls (hopefully not while chewing gum).

During a recent office “happy hour,” the creative coworkers took the time to craft a mustachioed, cheetah-printed tribute to Glee…

Image- July Aug 2013 News- Featured Fan

Thanks, gals! We salute you, and your fine taste in chewing gum. But, pleeeeease be careful on those bulls! Egad.

If YOU would like to be considered as our next “Featured Fan”—and win a case of Glee Gum for the honor— just send an email introducing yourself to our mascot, gleeguy@gleegum.com

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