Featured Fan: Spitting Image (Pun Intended)

Featured Fan Jordan Jordan C. attends 3rd grade in Wrentham, MA. She usually gets her Glee Gum from Whole Foods or Healthy Appetites. And she can’t decide which flavor she likes best because, as she says, “I like them all!”

Fun fact about Jordan: she just might have a doppelgänger. Ever seen the 2005 film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”? While Jordan’s love of gum could remind you of Violet Beauregard, the character she most closely resembles is, in fact, Veruca Salt. (In appearance only, of course). Another fun fact about Jordan: “When I’m not chewing gum, I’m a chatterbox!”

“We were very frustrated that almost all gum on the market has aspartame,” Jordan’s mom Bonnie explains. “Glee Gum has made it possible for her to chew gum.”

During assessment testing at school this year, Jordan’s teacher allowed the students to chew mint gum to aid their focus and concentration. Bonnie recalls, “Jordan was all but bouncing off the walls to be able to chew Spearmint Glee in class.”

Jordan and Bonnie, we’re oh so glad you found us! And hey, maybe we should try to make a three-course gum like that one in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”—minus the whole turning-the-chewer-into-a-blueberry part.

If you would like to be considered as our next “Featured Fan”—and win a case of Glee Gum for the honor— just send an email introducing yourself to our mascot, gleeguy@gleegum.com. 

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